Strategy and Planning Toolkit for Small and Medium Businesses
Carswell Controllership Guide
Cash Management Toolkit for Small and Medium Businesses
Not-for-Profit PolicyPro
Controllership Guide (4 volumes)

Information Technology PolicyPro
Canadian Cash Management, A Guide to Financial Strategies
Canadian Risk Management, A Guide to Treasury and Derivatives
Migration Canada
Canadian Treasury Management Handbook
Corporate Cash Management in Canada

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Finance and Accounting PolicyPro
(with co-author, Stephanie F. Smith), published by Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants and First Reference, ? 2003 to 2010.

Finance and Accounting PolicyPro (FAPP) is an authoritative and comprehensive guide to the preparation and maintenance of policies and procedures needed by small and medium sized businesses. It provides model policies that can be used without modification can be easily customized, using the powerful PolicyPro software.  The two volumes are Finance and Accounting and Corporate Governance.
Published jointly by the CICA and First Reference, FAPP provides a set of policies and procedures that will establish internal rules for how managers and others operate and administer their responsibilities. The policies and procedures have been cross-referenced to the COSO (Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission) Internal Control - Integrated Framework report. The COSO analysis of business activities, which identifies risks and control activities, has become the de facto standard used to evaluate the effectiveness of internal controls over financial reporting.

Most chapters cross reference the objectives and risks in the COSO Points of Focus for Actions/Control Activities to the FAPP Sample Statement of Policy and Procedure that covers the respective control activities. The type of internal control objective (i.e., Operations, Reporting, or Compliance) is also identified.  See also Finance and Accounting PolicyPro brochure.   This book is updated every two months.

Operations and Marketing PolicyPro
Published by Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants and First Reference, ? 2006 - 2009

Operations and Marketing PolicyPro (OMPP) provides expert advice, policies and procedures needed to create effective internal controls in areas such as engineering, design, production, sales and marketing. Designed to create sound controls for a business from the bottom up, OMPP sets out the specific policies and procedures required to meet the requirements for effective and efficient controls, while giving useful advice on customizing these controls to meet the needs of your organization.
The policies and procedures in OMPP provide managers, supervisors and employees with the pragmatic, practical guidance they need every day. They are consistent with recognized internal control and quality management frameworks, including (among others): COSO Internal Control - Integrated Framework, the de facto standard for assessing the effectiveness of internal controls
ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 standards, used to build and document quality-management systems. OMPP is updated four times a year.


Canadian Treasury Management, 3rd edition
Published by Thomson/Carswell, ? 2006.

The most comprehensive guide to treasury management  available in Canada. Covers financial and cash management, investments, risk management and derivatives for Canadian chief financial officers, treasurers, controllers and financial managers.  

Consisting of 22 chapters, this book covers strategic areas such as business strategies, risk management and governance. Numerous specialized treasury topics are covered from managing interest rate risk, cash management and electronic payments, to credit and collections, and security analysis.

This desktop reference work will help you
? diagnose problems and determine solutions.
? use complex treasury instruments
? anticipate how changes in the corporate governance                           environment affect treasury operations.

Information Technology PolicyPro

Published by Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants and First Reference, ? 2006 - 2010

Information Technoogy PolicyPro (ITPP) is a comprehensive, authoritative collection of ready-to-use model policies and a powerful software application that makes it a fast, simple, cost-effective way to develop, manage and distribute an IT policy and procedure manual..   ITPP policies and procedures deal both with the administration and management of a company's IT organization (e.g. strategic and tactical planning, system and software acquisition), as well as general computer controls (e.g., computing operations and support, monitoring and evaluation, physical and systems security, and data security).

ITPP policies and procedures are tied to the most authoritative IT control frameworks, the CICA's Information Technology Control Guidelines (ITCG), and the Information Systems Audit and Control Association's COBIT framework (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology). This allows users to quickly identify and implement the policies and procedures that address the ITCG and COBIT control objectives.

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Canadian Cash Management,
A Guide to Financial Strategies,
Published by Thomson/Carswell, ? 2003.

Strong controls, effective budgeting, tight credit and collection, will make your business more effective and efficient. Invaluable reference for CFOs, treasurers, controllers, accounting managers and their staff.

Up-to-date and practical information on: ? Financial strategy ? Improving credit and collections ? Strengthening internal controls ? Understanding e-Commerce and electronic payments ? Forecasting and budgeting ? Improving cash management.

Canadian Risk Management,
A Guide to Treasury and Derivatives
Published by Thomson/Carswell, ? 2003.

The key to managing financial risk is to understand it. Canadian Risk Management is a concise guide to the products, techniques and issues involved in managing treasury and financial risk in Canada. An invaluable reference for CFOs, treasurers, controllers, accounting managers and their staff.

Contents include: ? Financial risk management ? Managing interest rate risk ? Analyzing foreign exchange risk ? Derivatives ? Evaluating performance.

Only books published since 2003 are listed here.