Prepared material, designed content, and presented at the following courses and conferences:

? CPA Ontario Conference for Controllers, March 2016, "Tools for Optimizing Cash Management."

?  Toronto Region Board of Trade Advanced Business Fundamentals, April 2015, "Boosting Your Business's Bottom Line: Tools for Optimizing Cash Management."

?  CPA Canada The One: National Conference, September 2014, "Cash Management: What Saul Goodman Doesn't Know."

? CPA Ontario (previously Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario): Executive Development Programs : CFO Leadership Program, Operational Skills (2008-2015); Advanced Controllership Program, Operational Skills (2008-present)

? CPA  BC (previously Institute of Chartered Accountants of BC): Executive Development Programs : CFO's Operational Skills Program (2012-present); Controllership Program: Operational Skills (2013-2014)

? CPA Ontario (previously Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario) Seminars and Courses: Improving Performance for CFOs and Controllers (2010-2016); Managing Your Company During Recessionary and Difficult Times (2009-2010); Corporate Treasury Management (2004-2012); Due Diligence for Acquisitions (2005-2012); Cash Management and Controllership Program (1998-2000).

? CPA Bodies (formerly Institutes of Chartered Accountants) of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan,and British Columbia: Improving Performance for CFOs and Controllers (2009-present); Strategy and Risk Management for Financial Managers (2009-present); Corporate Treasury Management (2007-present); Due Diligence for Acquisitions (2007-present)

? Acumen : Corporate Governance and Risk Management in Treasury (2005, 2008), also chaired various Acumen conferences 2005 - 2010.

? Treasury Management Association of Canada (TMAC) Annual Conference: Presented on governance and risk management: 2004 (Quebec City), 2007 (Vancouver)

? Federated Press: Governance and Risk Management in Treasury (2006)

? York University, Adjunct Professor.  Introductory Financial Accounting, Intermediate Financial Accounting, Advanced Accounting Topics (1985-2000)

? Infonex: Financial Instruments Accounting and Reporting, Understanding the Essentials (1999); Experiences in Cross-Border Compliance (1999); Practical Perspectives on US Registration: A Canadian Technology Company's View (1997); Using Derivative Instruments (1997); Management Control of Derivative Activities (1995-1997); Effective Cash Management (1994-1997). Also chaired various conferences 1997 - 1999.

Institute for International Research ? Canadian Pharmaceutical Industry Conference: Public versus Private Equity (1998)

Industrial Biotechnology Conference: Advantages and Disadvantages of Being Listed on the Stock Market (1997)

Insight: OSC/SEC Financial Reporting and Accounting, Cross Border Issues (1997)

? Canadian Bar Association - Ontario: Building Branch Banking Business (1995)

Above lists selected seminars and conferences since 1995. Earlier presentations are not listed.

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