Jeffrey D. Sherman, MBA, FCSI, FCA, has over 20 years business experience as chief financial officer and as an author, lecturer and professor focussing on corporate finance.

Mr. Sherman has lectured and conducted seminars on topics such as corporate governance, internal control, treasury and derivatives, advanced accounting issues, cash management, and risk management.  He has presented to many different organizations including the Treasury Management Association of Canada, Canadian Bar Association, Law Society of Upper Canada, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario, Canadian Management Association, Infonex, Insight, Acumen, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nova Scotia, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Manitoba.

Mr. Sherman’s interests include corporate governance, risk management and internal control, restructuring and start-up enterprises.  He has lectured and conducted seminars for many organizations, including executive development programs for executives and CFOs, was an adjunct professor at York University in Toronto, and has written many magazine articles on finance and treasury.


Mr. Sherman has written 21 books including: Finance and Accounting PolicyPro, Information Technology PolicyPro (guides to governance and internal control, co-published by the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants), and Canadian Treasury ManagementCanadian Risk Management, and Financial Instruments: A Guide for Financial Managers.  His most recent book is the Cash Management Toolkit for Small and Medium Businesses.


His books include:
The Cash Management Toolkit for   Small and Medium Companies

Canadian Treasury Management,

     3rd edition
Canadian Risk Management:

     A Guide to Treasury and Derivatives

Canadian Cash Management
Finance and Accounting PolicyPro

Vol. II: Corporate Governance

Operations and Marketing PolicyPro

Information Technology PolicyPro

Migration Canada
Financial Instruments:

        A Guide for Financial Managers.

Canadian Treasury Management Handbook

Corporate Cash Management in Canada

Carswell Controllership Guide (4 volumes):

      Planning and Reporting



     Technology and Systems 

Not For Profit PolicyPro